Fast Ironman distance race!

3,8 km swim

rowing course Račice

180 km cycling

5k lap: safe, flat and fast

42,2 km run

asphalt road, 100% flat


  • Only 30 athletes

  • 100 % flat course

  • 100 % closed track

  • Aid station every 5k (bike)

  • Aid station every 2k (run)

Before you proceed with registration, make sure that you have read and understood general rules.
Keep in mind that by applying for this event you have agreed with the general rules. The organizers retain the right to make changes to the race manual and rules before the race day.
REFUND POLICY We do not offer any refunds or entry deferrals. It is however possible to transfer your entry or to sell your entry to another person.

Race schedule

Thursday, September 19, 2024

12:00 – 19:00 – Athlete registration

Friday, September 20, 2024

18 – 21:00 Athlete registration

Saturday, September 21, 2024

6:15 – 6:50 Tranzition zone open

7:00 – Race start

9:00 – Swim cut-off

22:00 – Race cut-off

22:30 – Award ceremony


UltraCzech 515 – Ironman is a triathlon race on ironman distances for anyone who wants to set a new PB!

Information UltraCzech 515 – Ironman

  • Date: August 26, 2023
  • Location: rowing course Račice
  • Race start: 07:00 hodin
  • Distances: 3,8 km swimming – 180 km cycling – 42,2 km run
  • Race cut-off: 14 h from the race start
  • Course: 100% flat, asphalted road, certified
  • Max. number of participants: 30
  • Aid station: cykling – every 5 km, run – every 2 km

Entry Fee: 190 EUR



  1. Neopren swimsuit is allowed
  2. A swim cap will be provided to each athlete and must be worn throughout the swim portion of the event.
  3. No fins, paddles, snorkles, flotation devices or other artificial aids to propulsion are allowed.
  4. There will be designated officials following the event and any infraction or unsafe action will result in a time penalty or disqualification.
  5. The Swim Course will be CLOSED two (2) hours after the start of the race Any athlete not reaching the finish by then will be declared a „Participant“ and may be allowed to continue at his/her own risk only with clearance from event officials including medical staff.
  6. Swimming cut-off times could be changed due to weather conditions.

Transition: Swimming – Cycling 

  1. In the transition: No crew member or another athlete may interfere with another athletes equipment while it is in the transition area.
  2. Crew members are permitted in the transition area to assist their athlete but must not intefere with other crews or athletes.
  3. Organizer might administer bike equipment checks, including helmets, as part of the transition process.
  4. Athlete can enter the cycling part after leaving transition area and wearing helmet (must be secured and fastened). The race number must be placed on the back.
  5. It is mandatory to put the swimming equipment into the transition bag!


  1. Each athlete must present his bike to the technical control during registration.
  2. It is responsibility of the athlete to ensure that all aspects of their bike are safe to the user, other competitor, crew members, officials, volunteers and the general public at all timers during the event.
  3. No accompanying riders are permitted on the bike course.
  4. Drafting or pacing of any kind is NOT ALLOWED. This includes motorized vehicles.

A triathlete can only enter the drafting zone of another triathlete in the following circumstances:

  • For security reason
  • At an aid station
  • At the entrance or exit of the transition area
  • In sharp turns

In the case of drafting: A time penalty of 5 min will be added to the finish time.


  1. Each athlete must run or walk the entire course. The organizer reserves the right to withdrawal an athlete due to medical reason.
  2. Each athlete must wear an official number while on the run course: it must be worn and clearly visible from the front.

General rules

  1. Participation in the race is open to athletes of any nationality, licensed or not.
  2. Each participant who takes part in the event individually must do so under their own responsibility and agrees to have a fitness level sufficient to complete each segment within cut off times marked by technical officials of the organisation.
  3. We strongly reccomend all the athletes to have the travel policy of the health insurance.
  4. Mandatory equipment:
  • Swimming cap (will be provided)
  • Neopren swimsuit
  • Swimming goggles
  • Bike helmet
  • Start number (will be provided)

Each athlete can enter into the race with the mandatory equipment.

Entry fee

  • No refunds will apply
  • No defferals will be accepted
  • You can transfer your registration to another athlete
  • The only deferral requests that will be honored are from athletes who’s country of origin have a travel ban (due to COVID) not allowing the athlete to legally travel


Should inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control prevent the holding of the event according to the planned program with all of its segments (Swim, Bike, Run), the organisation will amend the event according to the judges of the Triathlon federation of Montenegro. In this new event alternative in no case race be postponed to another date.


  • Cancellation of the swim leg due to bad sea conditions: the event becomes a duathlon

  • Cancellation of the cycling event section, due to inclement weather, natural disaster with disqualification of the road: the event becomes an aquathlon

  • Cancellation of the cycling section and swimming: the event becomes a running race


Start number

  • Each athlete must wear the swimming cap with his start number that organizer will provided.
  • The bike number is to be worn on the lower back of the outer garment while riding. The frame number must be attached to a location visible to event mashals. In the event of a bike change the number must also be transferred. The helmet number must be place on the front, center of the helmet.
  • Each competitor must wear the run race number on their front so that it is visible at all times while on the run course


  • Event officials will not provide medical emergency assitance, nor is any liability assumed for not providing such. Emergency medical contacts and information will be provided to each support crew.
  • Athletes are responsible for their own medical condition and should be cleared by their own family doctor before competing.
  • Organizer reserve the right for monitoring certain indicators. The monitoring team will have the authority to withdraw an athlete from the event if indicators fall outside safe limits or the athlete refuse to provide the requested indicators.
  • Organizer reserve the right to remove an athlete from any portion of the event if the athlete is judged to by incapable of continuing in the event.
  1. Závodník závodí na vlastní nebezpečí.
  2. Organizátor si vyhrazuje právo na to zkontrolovat zdravotní stav závodníku během závodu.
  3. Organizátor si vyhrazuje právo na to stáhnout ze závodu závodníka s ohledme na jeho zdravotní stav.

Organizátor si vyhrazuje právo na to změnit, pozměnit nebo zrušit některé pravidla.